Mechanical Line Extension / Repro Services

Reprographics or "Pre-press" is a process where the artwork is been made print ready so as to give it to the printer/converter.

Once the master artwork is been adapted to its particular variant and all changes are made, the artwork is to be made print ready as that the input is consistent. Olympus Premedia has also the capability to provide multi up files as per customers' printer configuration so as to make things faster.

Process to Spot color conversion

It is an important stage in packaging artwork preparation as images are not always printed in process colors; it includes process along with spot colors or only one or two colors are process and rest can be spot colors depending on the requirement. This helps in achieving cost effective printing of packaging by swapping process colors with other colors which are mandatory colors for brand identity.


Due to the speed and mechanics of a press, color registration can become a challenge for even the most seasoned press operator. To compensate, pre-press builds trap into each separation. Trap is the overlap of adjacent colors in order to hide or minimize the effects of press movement. Without trap, colors that are intended to touch may print with a gap between them.

Color Separation

Color separation is the process by which original artwork is separated into individual color components for printing. The components are cyan, magenta, yellow and black, known as CMYK. By combining these colors, a wide spectrum of colors can be produced on the printed page. To achieve colors beyond the gamut of CMYK; Spot colors are used. This is critical for maintaining brand colors effectively across various printing stocks and processes.

Understanding the difference between spot and process color is extremely important when designing a job for printing. Apart from minimizing pre press cost, print repeatability, color accuracy and the overall readability of any text that may knock out of the color in question.

PRC – Print Rule Check

Validating artwork against appropriate press settings to ensure all components of the design can be reproduced on the press perfectly without any complications ensuring proper result as desired.

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