Structural Design for new packaging

Packaging design can be a complicated process because each package presents its own set of problems with a variety of possible solutions.

The Structural Design requires specialized skills that can come up with innovative ideas and thoughts on creating, improving and making the design more efficient.

There are many factors that are being considered before developing a Structural design:

  • What will the package hold?
  • How it will be transported
  • Manufacturing and assembly issues
  • Marketing goals
  • Budgets and cost constraints
  • Project timeline
  • Design Dynamics in packaging for better freight economics
  • Withstand drop test and others if required

A clear understanding of what the package must protect against ensures that the designer will provide the client with a design that meets all of their needs.

Olympus Premedia has its own structural and graphic design team. We offer Structural designing services for packaging for new product developments (NPD) as well for product line extension. We are equipped with industry standards like ECMA and FEFCO designs for folding cartons and corrugated packaging. We also have wide variety of custom designs addressing different needs. We extend the service to produce production-ready multi-up die keys including blanking, stripping and other tooling for production.

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